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Marvellous May

Good afternoon Members,

Here goes, a little round up of our week through my eyes and experience.


Interval Workout kicked off, as we would have hoped, fast pace, full on, yet much needed following a few weeks away. Really enjoy the buzz and it trully gets our Monday's set pumped for the week ahead.

A personal well done to those of you who message me or talk to me privately about your worry for returning or just starting out (worry of fitness level). I want you to take a moment following your class and capture what feelings, thoughts you get from participating, capture it over a few sessions and talk to me. We all have different experiences and I would love to hear from you.

Monday Zumba/Clubbercise

On fire 🔥 honestly I often wonder where many of you have gone on a Monday? not my busiest class but currently enough for sustainability (although my licence fees are very expensive for Zumba and Clubbercise) financially I would not keep this class on if i was not delivering other classes that cover costs. That's what happens with franchise, so watch this space, should low numbers prevail I may well be reforming my OWN name for dancing to drop my membership.

Although this is the last thing I want to do after 13+ years of teaching Zumba, however times change and that's okay.

Absolutely LOVED dancing with you all and can honestly say it's one of my ultimate favs due to the MUSIC AND YOUR SMILES! Not forgetting sing alongs.

Wednesday Circuits

Small, strong and mighty is how I describe it, again not huge numbers, did drop under my 8 as a min last week and know if everyone does turn up weekly that we could have healthy 12 attend. Again not always possible.

This class gives me internal butterflies now we have our weights back at Brockington, offering you more to your weekly workout and especially my love for functional training as ultimate benefits, 1 being improved metabolism and aids weightless. Not only that a sense of achievement after you have got on your wheelie belly blaster, you know the one! Even if 1 rep, next week 2 rep!

Just two weeks remain and depending on numbers as to whether it continues June/July.

Finally our phenomenal session of LBT (whole body conditioning) on Thursday.

Think my final head count was 26 of you attended, yet 10 booked via the app. So I would 'HIGHLY' recommend you get app, message me once registered and I can add you my end, should you need to pay cash in class, i want to make sure you are getting a quality session. That was the most I feel that we could have without you feeling like proper sardines! Quality over quantity 👌

Although there is some pureness about the number of you being together, you really bounce off the energy! So may take that back!

Now give yourself a Huge Hug and remember, you can, you will and you are AMAZING.

Now have good weekend and see you soon.

P.s remember the price plans/subscription available in May.

1 class 5

2 class 9

3 class 12

4 class 15

And all classes are just what our lovely public health reccomend we do on a weekly basis. Strength, flexibility, cardio, conditioning and so much more for your mental health and wellbeing. Reducing loneliness x

Big Love Leona ❤️


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