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3 Weeks Of classes

We are back now until w/c 14 August and I am so happy to be back. Far too quite this week!

Hoping many of you had a wonderful holiday or some of you still there. So will not be long before we reunite.

Sunday is prep day 🙌🏿

LK fitness and dance returns to Brockington College Enderby this coming week.

Class schedule:

Monday 6.30pm Interval Workout

Monday 7.30pm Let's dance our hearts out ❤️

Wednesday 6pm Strength and Endurance in our Circuit Class

Thursday 6pm we welcome back our resistant bands, pilates moves and finally a combination of feel good fun 😀 including drum sticks!

Feel free to join our amazing community fitness group that as been delivering a range of fitness classes for over 15 years here in Endebry 💋

See you soon xLKx


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