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September 2021

What an incredible summer returning to Brockington College, also still teaching a few online lives, (now available on demand via Facebook). Tonight we had one our busiest LBT yet, just how it was before the pandemic began. I was truly anxious today, yet excited and I am really thankful to be able to be writing this mini blog today knowing you guys are back! You really showed up tonight, all on my nervous energy! Tonight I noticed just how much homeworking as taken its toll, other than teaching a few classes, which i am grateful for, really as its knocks on my mental wellbeing, that social connection is truly important, especially for anxiety sufferers like myself. So not only am I helping you, to for me x

Now to discuss September after listening to some of you tonight about monthly membership offers, so i thought let's test it out for September and maybe October.

I have even placed on a 3 session super Saturday class for you.

Now all you need to do is chat to me about the packages available, let's see where we can save some of your pennies.

See you in September- Big Love Leona


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